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Is Education Becoming Infected With Money by Alex Dunedin

In this article I want to plot out an argument that the instrumental effect of financialising areas of public value is a destructive force in our society, and that education is becoming ‘infected with money’. By this, I mean that the managerialism of putting finance at the heart of areas of life which are not profit driven is altering the fundamental nature of how people engage with institutions such as education.

We now find ourselves in an age where finance takes us into a neo-feudal system of administrative superstructures which come to govern every aspect of our lives. The managerialism which accompanies the finance brings endless bureaucracies of ever increasing outcomes and measurements, tendering processes, decreasing budgets, loss of agency and top down policy imposition. In corporate administrative workplaces, as Iris Marion Young puts it, “If people have decision making power, it is generally over others’ actions rather than their own” [1]. Read more

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas: Shifting the Axis by Karen Lawson

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas is Scotland’s most innovative and ground-breaking education festival aimed at everyone who is passionate about education.

Although created, and curated by College Development Network, this two week national festival (6-19 June) provides unique opportunities for organisations and individuals (agents of change) to share and create ideas that could change our thinking and practice in relation to education. Read more

Asperger Lifelong Learning by David Seagrave

In the light of my own experience I declare that lifelong learning is the only path we Aspies can take to lead us to any kind of uneasy coexistence with neurotypicals.  From available evidence my self-taught German brought about a change of state in my brain which led to taking up difficult hobby related challenges for the intrinsic joy of mastering anything difficult.

The more I practiced these techniques, the more, the exercise brought it s own reward. The fruits of my labours became almost incidental yet at the same time these models, photographs and literary works are SACRED OBJECTS. I have coined the word ENDEOFACT to denote any consequence of dedicated effort whether it be something one can handle or  a piece of music played, and supremely, loyal service, freely given.  Read more

A Bitesize History of The Ragged University

Where it started ?….  The whole thing crystalised around a table in Stoke Newington in London.  I had been asked to help out the Street Performers Community Organisation with sorting out their office.  James Tonner and Roy Gurvitz had been thinking about doing a festival in Hackney Marshes.

The question was asked what would be a good thing to do which was interesting, fun and brought people together.  Around that table three other friends agreed on the idea and after some background work, I left to set it up in Glasgow whilst Jes Haley, Grant Crozier, and Will Bentinck did the first events at the Palatine Bar in Dalston. Read more