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Thoughts on the Structure of Language

In the writings of Gottfried Leibniz can be found many elements relating to the possibility of a universal language. Specifically he was working on a constructed language as a concept which would gradually come to replace that of rationalized Latin as the natural basis for a projected universal language. Leibniz conceived of a ‘characteristica universalis’, an “algebra” capable of expressing all conceptual thought. This kind of algebra would include rules for symbolic manipulation, which he called a calculus ratiocinator. Read more

7th March 2013: Introduction to Linguistics & Phonetics by Dr Tim Willis


On 7th March 2013 Ali Gower and Tim Willis will be doing a talk from 7pm in the Counting House in Edinburgh

Name of speaker and subject:

Dr Tim Willis, Flexpansion Ltd.

BA (Linguistics & Phonetics, Leeds), MSc (Cognitive Science & Natural Language, Edinburgh), PhD (Informatics, Edin.)


Suggested Titles of talks:

Introduction to Linguistics & Phonetics (First of two lectures)

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The More, The Merrier: Facts And Beliefs About The Bilingual Mind by Antonella Sorace

Anyone who has seen a small child switching from one language to another is likely to be amazed and perhaps envious at how effortlessly they are able to do this. Stories of immigrant children interpreting for their parents are commonplace, and in some parts of the world it is quite normal for children to be exposed to two or even more languages right from birth. Yet in modern industrial societies growing up with more than one language is often regarded as ‘special’. Read more