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Photo Collection: Mad World Exhibition 2017

This is a collection of photos showing the work which was brought together that made the Mad World Exhibition in 2017.  You can read about the ideas by following THIS LINK.  The exhibition held at its heart a space where questioning of attitudes to mental health, mental illness, madness and identity was encouraged particularly in light of the Psychiatric Survivors Movement which legitimately challenges and drives forward understandings today.

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Film: Mad World Exhibition; The Asylum of Doctor Rosenhan

This is a short film made around the Mad World Exhibition, a part of the Ragged University project which brought together lots of artwork in a space exploring and challenging narratives of madness. Mad World is a publicly owned collection of perspectives which challenge and move forward discussions surrounding mental health.  The Mad World exhibition took place in Gallery One of Edinburgh Palette, St Margarets House. Read more

From Notes About The Findings of Abraham Maslow and Manfred Max Neef on Needs by David Seagrave

These eminent psychologists analyses the needs of people worldwide their findings concur with those of Erich Fromm which he has set out in his magnum opus To Have,or to Be…

I may be exceptional in the way I have evolved a mental discipline which orcherstates my behaviour by means of an imaginary device called the scrutiny box It is opened whenever I have a bath and on my Sunday hikes or strolls In the bath I review what I have done since my previous bath and think about what I shall be doing until the next bath. Every Sunday I plan ahead till the next Sunday I RESTRAIN MYSELF FROM RASH OR IMPUSLIVE BEHAVIOUR by this means If in doubt about any expenditures below £1. Read more

Collaboration Between Edinburgh Palette and Ragged University by Karl Graham

Since the beginning, Edinburgh Palette has offered space and support for a diverse cross-section of artists, designers and charities, and an equally varied range of projects. We were therefore delighted when The Ragged University selected us as the venue for the Mad World exhibition. The University has a long-standing tradition of openness and inclusion, which has parallels with the core values of Edinburgh Palette. Read more

My Experiences of the Mental Health System by ‘N’

Good, bad, ugly, sad, hopeful.

It’s sad to anyone to have to visit or work at ********* *****, not an ideal place for anyone to spend time in.

An ugly building with rooms like interrogation rooms, with the odd cushion. A bit like how the DSS signing on offices used to look in the 80’s.Horrible lighting and old magnolia old painted walls.

Not a plant or ounce of colour or life in sight. Read more