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Conference: Developing Social Capital; From Promises to Knowledge Exchange

This paper was written and presented by Alex Dunedin and Susan Brown at the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) Annual Conference 2012.  The theme of the conference was ‘Promises: Crisis and Socio-Cultural Change’.  It was held at Manchester University.

We were invited to present the Ragged project at their 8th annual conference and contribute to the dialogue as an informal education project which seeks to bring about positive social change.  The theme of it was ‘Promises: Crisis and Socio-Cultural Change’….

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Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC)

CRESC is the ‘Economic and Social Research Council’s centre for research on socio-cultural change.  It is a £4.5 million research council funded major international research centre analyzing socio-cultural change.  It is the first major research centre in Britain to develop a broad, empirically focused account of cultural change and its economic, social and political implications. Read more