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Opinion Piece: Teaching; How Society Gets Taught History by Books and Media and Politics by Maurice Frank

Older generations writing up history such that everything used to be better and slagging “young people today” has been around cyclically for thousands of years, and is a regular failing of emotionally divided societies. But But I can see no other case in history, of generations having their whole era, including in what is believed possibly can happen, and their status in history, rubbished with the media’s approval and active taking part, as the present generations living after WW2, at the hands of oldies who also believe every epic problem imaginable was fought, won, and solved forever, entirely by them, entirely in the 1940s. Read more

Take Peace Studies To The Personal Level by Maurice Frank

There are university departments that study peace, and produce findings. Some present as academic opinions on international law around weapons of mass destruction: on whether the total destructiveness of a nuclear weapon just forbids you ever to use it, or whether you have no alternative when an aggressor is using it upon you. Peace studies and researches have not taken out of the realm of opinion the ethical dilemma between defending a society’s existence and avoiding doing cruelties to the aggressor’s society. Read more