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Seismic Philosophy by Ciaran Healy

For many centuries people assumed that the universe was a certain shape.  That reality was a certain shape.  That shape was this – that you have the Earth at the centre, a sphere.  Around the sphere are other spheres, made of crystal.  In those spheres sit embedded the stars, the planets, the moon, the sun.  Everything you see in the sky is embedded in a crystal sphere.

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Philosophy and Music by Dan Zambas

Ancient philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato recognised the unity between music and philosophy.

The artistic expression of a piece of music could be described as philosophy using sound. Instrumental Classical music can be a very profound experience and the content of the music can be incredibly descriptive. Instruments playing characters, melodic themes reproduced in a variety of ways during the course of the piece, these are left to the audience’s imagination. This can provide the listener with a wide range of conclusions; from purely enjoying the music, to a deeper understanding of themselves. Read more