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Podcast: Professor Virginia Eubanks Talks About Digital Deadends

“If we don’t want the information age to deliver widespread economic and political destruction, we must commit to including all citizens in a dialog about creating a just and equitable future.  In the end, our liberation is bound up in each other; we all sink or swim together.”

Professor Virginia Eubanks wrote the book Digital Deadend from her time living and working with a YWCA just outside of New York.  Her experiences trying to provide free education, support and span the ‘digital divide’ led her to write this book.  Her studies show the myths which are perpetuated around the rhetoric of the digital age – i.e. computers will make us all free; it will make education accessible to all; the ‘poor’ lack skills whilst the rich have them…

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Podcast: Kate Gilliam talking about Guerilla Gardening

I see cityscapes as potential urban growing sites and opportunities to connect people with their environments again. Too often we trade in our connections to nature for an urban existence, but the need to engage on a basic level with our hands in the dirt is still present and so important to nourish. Furthermore, directly engaging in our environment gives us a sense of purpose and confidence that we have the right and the responsibility to positively change our situations.

Why shouldn’t we make community gardens where there is nothing but asphalt, and repurpose public space for community projects? Each person has a skill set and a perspective, and by demonstrating an ‘I can do it’ ethos, we can show others how they too can take the initiative and improve their physical environments for themselves, their neighbours, their kids and the city at large.

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Podcast: Dr Tim Willis talks about How to Start Up A Tech Business

I founded the business in 2008 at the end of my PhD when I got some funding. We’ve had the app out on the Android store since August 2011 and have had over 15,000 downloads. We’re hoping this will increase rapidly once we start doing some marketing soon.  Linguistics & Phonetics has been studied for millennia – according to Wikipedia (!) modern studies began to develop in the 18th Century and reached something of a golden age the century after. Read more

Podcast: Demian Natakhan Talks About Scepticism And Climate Change

Here Demian talks at Ragged University in this podcast of his talk on climate change and scepticism.  As per usual, some food was shared and music offered up by local musicians…

Demian Natakhan is a renewable energy consultant with a vested interest in knowing the truth about climate change. Scepticism is widespread in many first world countries over whether the basics of climate change science are ‘true’ and whether humans are really causing it.

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