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Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things was recommended by John Morrison

As part of the Ragged Library, John Morrison, Lecturer in Digital Media and Interactive Design at Edinburgh Napier University recommended ′Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by Michael Braungart and William McDonough…


This is in my top 5 favourite books! I came across it while studying product design in Glasgow. The book is jointly authored by an architect and a chemist. However is very accessible, a kind of manifesto for a radically different philosophy, I found reading it revolutionised my thinking in many areas. The authors proffers a paradigm shift from what we take for granted in our every day lives, suggesting the next major revolution should be a green one.

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Bilingual: Life and Reality was recommended by Dr Madeleine Beveridge

As part of the Ragged Library, Dr Madeleine Beveridge, Research Coordinator for Bilingualism Matters at the University of Edinburgh suggested ‘Bilingual: Life and Reality′ by François Grosjean (Cambridge, MA :Harvard University Press, 2010)…

I would like to recommend “Bilingual: Life and Reality” to anyone who is interested in languages and how we learn them. François Grosjean is a huge name in bilingualism research. In this book, he explores what it means to be bilingual. In particular, he argues that bilingualism is not about speaking two langauges with perfect fluency, but about using more than one language – whether or not you sound like a native speaker. Read more

Multimedia Learning suggested by Susan Brown

As part of the Ragged Library, Susan Brown – School of Education, University of Manchester suggested Mayer, R. (2009) Multimedia Learning: Second Edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press…

According to many digital pundits we are moving into a multimedia age. The age dominated by written text (either printed or on screen) is ceding to an age where increasing bandwidth and, connectedly, software innovations are spawning sophisticated graphical and multimedia interfaces. Games, immersive virtual Worlds, three dimensional video graphics are all forging pathways back to multimedia worlds.

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