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The Digital Aims of The Ragged Project

The Ragged project uses available infrastructure and common technology to achieve its aims. The digital vision is a key part of this. The principle tenet of the Ragged project is to facilitate and build inclusive social capital.

Inclusive social capital is loosely situations where people choose to voluntarily associate with each other and where membership in that group serves as a free resource to those people. In short, Ragged aims to propagate community activities which are outward looking rather than exclusive and private clubs. Digital engagement and ownership is at the heart of Ragged Online and holds knowledge building through community support and development as its goal.

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The Story of the New Ragged Website

Having just gone through ten days of social media and web training in London, it is now a pleasure to announce the coming of the new website. When Scott Porter (Digital Engine) fell ill with Myeloid Leukemia, we were presented with some problems for the Ragged project.  One, how can we return all the support and goodwill that Scott has gifted to keep the Ragged virtual presence up-to-date and reaching people.  Two, how to rearrange someone to replace this vital area of voluntary support to the Ragged project.

Problem number one: even though Scott arranged to continue supporting the website, at this point the lighter we could make the work load, the better. A whip around will be made to see how much money can be found to pay for some of the work he gifted to the project as a small business.  The good news is that the doctors are all rallying round him with the best modern medicine has to offer – We are all wishing the best for this coming time.

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