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Ragged University Website Development Workshop Pilot by Mike Harkness

This is an account of the pilot of the website development workshop brought together to promote digital literacies and help realise people’s ambitions through sharing in a community setting.  More workshops will be coming, and this would not be possible without the generosity, support and contributions of Graeme Sturrock (owner of Edinburgh Computer Repairs), and Derek Howden (owner of Great Website Hosting)…

For weeks every click on my mouse pad when I was within Mozilla Fox internet browser brought up an intrusive webpage of adverts that required several clicks to get rid of. When I was within a page such as my email the right hand side of the screen had flashing adverts and some of the adverts were for my bank and asking for my account details. These were nasty malware virus type things which I had picked up when I first installed my browser and I didn’t know how to get rid of them for good and neither did AVG my anti-virus software but Derek did. Read more

How To Do Ragged University Events by Carrie Newman

Previously Ragged University events were run in Glasgow by a team of dedicated people. The primary coordinator was Carrie Newman who was introduced to the project by business partner and friend David Hughes. They, along with David Newman and Heather Sinclair took to the idea like ducks to water using their knowledge of theatre and cultural events to produce several seasons of talks (approximately seventy five events) which gripped the local imaginations. Read more

The Rough Etiquette of Ragged University

Ragged University is an open community of individuals who are interested in sharing and learning. The events are put on by coordinators who are there to facilitate.  Coordinators are not gatekeepers or overseers of ‘quality control, they are not authorities in the public spaces which the Ragged University events occur.  They are there to enable those who want to share their knowledge and passion and to work to try and make sure that everyone in the room, space or event is comfortable and happy.

An event is only a Ragged University event if it takes place outside of a formal, institutional or corporate space.  The venues and spaces which are chosen for Ragged University events Professor Ray Oldenburg describes as “Third Places”. These are public spaces which are negotiated and renegotiated by everyone who is within them; they are informal. Examples are pubs, cafes, parks and libraries. Read more

Collaboration: University of Manchester and Ragged University By Steve McIndoe

The University of Manchester Library has been running a credit-bearing course unit called The Digital Society for the past two years as part of the University College programme.

This is an innovative attempt by the University to offer students a wider range of learning experiences and opportunities outside of their main programme of study. University College courses are open to all undergraduate students for all disciplines and the Digital Society course unit runs in the second semester of the academic year (broadly speaking, from January to May). Read more

Ragged Broadcasting To The World

As we explore Hangouts and the opportunities it gives us to invite the world to the Ragged Events, through the Internet, I would like to invite you to join us at the Counting House in Edinburgh on both the 7th and 8th of May 2014 via Google+ Hangouts.

If you are already familiar with Google Hangouts and you would like to join us during our test stream on 7th May or on our first live event on 8th May then please get in touch with your email that is associated with your Google+ account.

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Ragged University: ‘Something For Nothing’ by Don Ledingham

The notion of getting ‘something for nothing’ doesn’t sit well with those of us of a lapsed Scottish Presbyterian background. Yet that is exactly what I received yesterday from Alex Dunedin and left feeling very pleased with myself.

So is this Dunedin chap some sort of marketing genius who would be better suited to selling dodgy towels at an open market?  The simple answer is – absolutely not –  for I found myself purchasing twenty ‘None’ Pound notes from Alex in order to invest in the Ragged University concept.

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The Digital Aims of The Ragged Project

The Ragged project uses available infrastructure and common technology to achieve its aims. The digital vision is a key part of this. The principle tenet of the Ragged project is to facilitate and build inclusive social capital.

Inclusive social capital is loosely situations where people choose to voluntarily associate with each other and where membership in that group serves as a free resource to those people. In short, Ragged aims to propagate community activities which are outward looking rather than exclusive and private clubs. Digital engagement and ownership is at the heart of Ragged Online and holds knowledge building through community support and development as its goal.

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Ragged University Graphic Design by Chris Behr

The graphic design of the Ragged project was brought together by Chris Behr when there were differences of opinion amongst the various people who were involved at the very beginning.  For example, what font should be used, what colour, what will the logo be ?

To resolve this I (Alex) said to the group that we will get someone with expertise in the area and take their advice.  I got in touch with Chris Behr, who was a local graphic designer who had a bunch of experience in various areas.  A talented gent who has worked in newspapers, magazines and in various areas such as business logo design and advertising.

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