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Disaster Capitalism and War on Drugs: An Interview With Antony Loewenstein and Q+A Session at Recovering Justice

A key aim of Antony Loewenstein’s book and film ‘Disaster Capitalism’ is to examine and reveal the dark and manipulative sides of aid as something which is used to extract profit from misery and disaster.  This article covers an interview with Antony as he did a film screening followed by questions and answers at Recovering Justice in Newcastle.  Disaster capitalism is about how economies have risen out of exploiting war, the criminalisation of populations, illness, natural disaster, and vulnerabilities across the world and on our own doorstep. Read more

Recovery: A First Hand Perspective by Kerrie Walker

Broken bones, broken glass, broken home and broken promises, the unacceptable had now become the acceptable.  Physical and mental abuse, topped off with alcoholism, a progressive illness slowly stripped me of any worthwhile beliefs and the values I once possessed.

The consequences’ of my drinking rapidly became more serious, then began several attempts of getting sober.  Doctors, social workers and a CPN offered me medical treatment and support, I thought I was cured.  Ultimately over a period of nine years, my ability to sustain a lengthy period of abstinence became more of a struggle as my mental health deteriorated. Read more