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Recollections of John Pounds: New Years Eve by Reverend Henry Hawkes

Monday evening; – the last evening in the year: – meeting John Pounds in St. Mary’s Street, as he was crossing over into Crown Street; – “Yer sarvant, Sir! – Sharp frost!” “Yes, Mr. Pounds; but you don’t seem to feel it much; with your bare arms, and open chest, and no hat on!” “I likes it! It makes me feel fresh and brisk like! I’se been to the King’s Bastion, to see the sun set: – the last sun, you know, Sir, in the old year. He goes down very grand; all crimson and gold: – bright – to the last!” Read more

Recollections of John Pounds: The New Sunday School by Reverend Henry Hawkes

Towards the close of the year 1835, we opened a new Sunday-school in High Street; designed for girls and very little boys; to be conducted entirely by ladies of the Congregation; except that I, as Pastor, was privileged to take part in all their proceedings. The Sunday after it’s commencement, as the afternoon teaching was going quietly on, all seriously cheerful; there was a gentle tap at the door. Read more

Recollections of John Pounds: When Mr. Lemmon went on a School Ramble by Reverend Henry Hawkes

“Mr. Lemmon, did you ever go with him on any of these pleasant rambles?” – “Once, seven or eight years ago; I can’t say exactly what year. It was in the spring of the year; in the merry month of May! as Johnny likes to call it. And a very pleasant day’s ramble it was. I remember it all as clear as if it was yesterday. And many’s the time I’ve thought of it with pleasure since.” Read more