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Podcast: A Memory of Blood; Livestreaming and the Fall of the Mongolian Empire by Donald Carrick

On the 29th October 2015, Donald Carrick gave the third of three talks on the life and legacies of Ghengis Khan.  Donald tells us: Stories are everything. Many stories are influenced by history, but could it be that history itself is shaped by stories, even fictional ones? Can we honestly say only fact matters in any historical narrative? Is the past set in stone or is it a fluid entity like the future? Read more

Podcast: Eli Anderson talks about the Power of the Elder

I have been writing for over thirty years, and in that time I have developed my craft as a Storyteller, Poet and Narrative Coach…

I have taught, created & delivered a variety of workshops in relation to Storytelling, use mindfulness techniques, mentoring & performance art, musicianship, intergenerational work and general presentation.
I am also a visiting lecturer and have been asked to present on subjects concerned primarily with Eldership, Health care, Storytelling and Community Education. Read more

The Craft of Storytelling by Eli Anderson

I use the ancient craft of storytelling to enable individuals and group to reflect positively upon the critical issues of their life. I truly enjoy the opportunity to share this craft through storytelling in a variety of environments where people are seeking intuitive answers to difficult and challenging questions about their lives. These places include formal (school, colleges, etc) and informal educational spaces (community and healthcare centres, hospitals, etc), where I run exciting and dynamic experiences in the form of workshops, courses, seminars.

Everyone who has participated find that their unique voice and value explodes and expands, and immediately apply this embedded learning to their unique and beautiful lives. What I do is created for the individual and group to experience, empower and create environments for peaceful co-creation and co-existence.

Read more