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John Morrison: Pop Up Lesson in Summerhall

John Morrison does a pop up lesson in Royal Dick Vet Bar, inviting George Wilson to talk about MD20 demographics, which speaks of the most deprived people of the population.  With a focus on uptake of higher education by care leavers, the discussion explores various aspects of the social, cultural and economic aspects which might influence participation in education.

John and George flesh out the subject in the setting of Summerhall, an arts and cultural centre which is working out its identity in the Edinburgh landscape.  Housing many projects, social enterprises and businesses, the arrangement of the landscape suggests many possibilities. Read more

26th April 2012: The Post Industrialisation of Beer or How Pale Ale Became Cool by Andrew Barnett

Barneys Beer

Name of speaker and subject:

Andrew Barnett AKA Barney – Brewing

Title of talk:

The post industrialisation of beer – or how pale ale became cool


Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

  • Overview of brewing
  • How brewing became big industry
  • Porter and India Pale Ales
  • Post Industrialisation
  • The rise of the craft brewer

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