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29th Oct 2016: Ragged University; Visit, Listen, Discuss, Write

Come along and join the Visit – Listen – Discuss – Write activity which this time will be focusing on the panel presentation given by Richard Murphy, Lesley Riddoch and Andy Wightman discuss Transforming Our Land and Taxation Policies on the 29th of October.  After the panel discussion we will be having a chat in the Out of the Blue Drillhall cafe area about what we have learned…

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Research, Taxation, and Comprehension by George Wilson

Should research  – especially research produced or undertaken by people funded by taxation – be accessible to all? Should it be always in the public domain? Should there be a compulsion to have it written in clear English (or French, Russian, Mandarin……), using terminology that is pretty much universally accessible and comprehensible? If our taxation paid for it, it’s ours?

Is there any value – other than to those in the inner circle of its production – in research for continued funding, for publication, for status, for career progression, ego or for the impressing of close colleagues. It seems that may be the currency currently driving our HE institutions, and maybe researchers don’t like it but if them’s the rules, what can they do but comply? But is that the case, and should it be? Read more