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A Word From The Janitor

I thought I would let you know a bit more about me and what ‘Ragged University’ is.  I am Alex Dunedin and I am the principle janitor who does the organising and advertising of the events, using meetup to build a community of people (amongst other things).  I have noticed the odd email enquiring about what the ‘project’ is or who does the organising so thought I would write this.

Ragged started about 2010 when I got an idea from two friends who were retired educators – Eileen Broughton and Roy Wilsher.  Not only were they friends, but they always mentored me in various ways, particularly their own subjects of Economics, History and Education. They suggested that the Ragged Schools movement brought people together and that the Madras Peer led teaching method which Andrew Bell developed where highly effective making everyone’s lives richer and better. Read more