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Nick Dixon and the endangered Western Capercaillie

Although the tattooing element of extInked is now finished, the project is far from over with many of the ambassadors launching fundamental follow-up awareness raising projects. The ambassador for the Western Capercaillie, Nick Dixon, is starting a grassroots group to support the RSPB affiliated ‘Friends of the Western Capercaillie’.


Nick gave his talk on 5th July 2012

Help Save the Western Capercaillie

Nick Dixon came along to do a talk at the Ragged University event in Manchester, and since then I have been talking with him on ideas of just how we can make a difference for this endangered species – The Western Capercaillie.  Working with the ExtInked ambassadors has made me personally realise that unless we all individually ask what we can do to preserve the environment and species we have left, then it amounts to an irresponsible society.

So with this in mind Nick has been invited to champion this strange bird in the Ragged project.  I can tell how passionate he is about the subject and invite people to get involved in his work. I quite like the idea of creating art and essays about the Capercaillie and endangered species to line the fences which kill many of them each year.  This I will be putting to him as a potential project. Read more