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Porty Communicators: Edinburgh’s newest Toastmasters Club @ The Dalriada
Dec 21 @ 7:15 pm – 9:30 pm
Porty Communicators: Edinburgh's newest Toastmasters Club @ The Dalriada | Edinburgh | Scotland | United Kingdom

Do you, or someone you know, :

Need to present information in work?

… to colleagues? … to customers? … to outside agencies?

Do you, or someone you know, :

Need to provide coherent answers

to questions for which you haven’t had the opportunity to prepare?

… in work? … at home? … in social situations?

Toastmasters may be the answer!

345,000 members, in 15,900 Clubs, in 142 countries; Scotland : 450 members in 22 Clubs

Ragged University: Myths of Attraction by Mairi Macleod @ Cabaret Voltaire
Jan 26 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Ragged University: Myths of Attraction by Mairi Macleod @ Cabaret Voltaire | Scotland | United Kingdom

Come along to Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh at 7pm to listen to Mairi explain the myths of attraction. Enjoy socialising around learning and find people you like…

Myths of Attraction by Mairi McLeod

I’m going to talk about the stereotypes we have about what’s attractive in men and women, I’m going to explain the biology behind why these are sometimes valid, but also why they’re often not. Is it true that men are into casual sex but women want commitment? Do men actually prefer thin women? Do women want macho, high-status men? Are dumb girls more attractive? And are the first impressions we give out really vitally important?

In this presentation Mairi Macleod will answer these questions about romantic attraction and much more. We’re used to hearing that evolution has honed our romantic preferences in ways that increased the number of children of our ancestors and that this has led to predictable and universal gender differences in our desires and sexual inclinations. But do you buy this?

There will be some food, a bar and a whole evening to make merry with…


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