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Irish Consul: Impact of Brexit on Ireland and British-Irish Relations by Dr Mark Hanniffy @ The University of Edinburgh, Conference Room
Jan 19 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Irish Consul: Impact of Brexit on Ireland and British-Irish Relations by Dr Mark Hanniffy @ The University of Edinburgh, Conference Room | Scotland | United Kingdom

The Edinburgh University European Union Society is pleased to invite you to its upcoming event:

Brexit: Its Impact on Ireland and British-Irish Relations

Dr Mark Hanniffy

Consul General of Ireland
in Edinburgh

Doors open from 5pm
Event begins at 5.30pm

Nearly seventh months on from the EU referendum, Irish Consul General in Edinburgh Dr Mark Hanniffy will offer his perspective on the implications of Brexit for Ireland and British-Irish relations. Prof Christine Bell (The University of Edinburgh) will respond following the Consul General’s remarks.

Prof Christine Bell FBA | Discussant
Professor of Constitutional Law
Assistant Principal (Global Justice)
The University of Edinburgh

Anthony Salamone | Chair
European Union Society President
PhD Candidate in British and European Politics
The University of Edinburgh


Dr Mark Hanniffy took up the post of Consul General of Ireland in Edinburgh in May 2016. Before moving to Scotland, he was Deputy Director of the Policy Planning Unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin, having joined the Irish Diplomatic Service in 2007. Among other assignments, he served in Ireland’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva and on secondment as a Policy Advisor to the Houses of the Oireachtas.

Prof Christine Bell FBA is Professor of Constitutional Law, Co-Director of the Global Justice Academy and Assistant Principal (Global Justice) at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include constitutional and international law, gender and conflict, and legal theory.

This event is free. Registration in advance required. All are welcome

Contact address for queries: [email protected]

Edinburgh Brexit Roundtable @ Chiene + Tait LLP
Jan 24 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Edinburgh Brexit Roundtable @ Chiene + Tait LLP   | Scotland | United Kingdom

Ukie’s nationwide Brexit roundtables

Over the next three months Ukie is touring the country with its Brexit Roundtables. We want to hear from game businesses about their post-referendum concerns and examine opportunities for providing more support for the sector.

Come along to one of our Brexit Roundtables to:

  • Shape the games industry’s position to government on key areas such as access to talent, international trade, video games tax relief, the free flow of data and funding.
  • Hear the latest expert thinking around the key areas affecting games businesses in the UK
  • Develop new ideas that could re-think policy to better support the games sector and increase growth
  • Help provide evidence and case studies to present to government on key issues

This roundtable is designed for games developers and publishers.

Scotland’s Environment after Brexit @ EUSA – Debating Hall Teviot Row House
Feb 16 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Scotland's Environment after Brexit @ EUSA – Debating Hall  Teviot Row House  | Scotland | United Kingdom

The Edinburgh University European Union Society is pleased to invite you to its forthcoming event:

Scotland’s Environment after Brexit

Sustain.ED Festival 2017 Event

Doors open from 4.30pm
Event begins at 5pm

Introduction by Martine Bisenius
European Union Society Committee Member


Dr Annalisa Savaresi
Lecturer in Environmental Law · The University of Stirling

Dr Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann
Lecturer in EU Environmental Law · The University of Strathclyde

Anthony Salamone | Chair
European Union Society President

Further speakers TBC

Questions for the panel can be submitted in advance by email to [email protected]


The future of the natural environment is likely to play a prominent part in the Brexit debate. This is particularly the case for Scotland, as most environment powers are devolved, but much of its environmental regulation is framed around or underpinned by EU law. Important decisions will have to be made on how Scotland’s environment is regulated and protected in the future – and it’s unclear when, how or who by those decisions will be made. This event will explore these challenges and encourage public discussion of them.


Dr Annalisa Savaresi is Lecturer in Environmental Law at the University of Stirling. Her research focuses on climate change, biodiversity, forestry, environmental liability, renewable energy and the interplay between environmental and human rights law. She has also acted as a consultant on environmental issues for numerous think tanks and international organisations.

Dr Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann is Lecturer in EU Environmental Law at the University of Strathclyde. His work explores global environmental justice and sustainability using critical, socio-legal approaches. His research interests include environmental law theory (including global constitutionalism, pluralism and post-colonialism), EU environmental law and human rights and the environment.

This event is free. Registration in advance required. All are welcome

Contact address for queries: [email protected]

Singing for all workshops: Songs from Scotland and beyond @ George Washington Browne Room
Feb 25 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Singing for all workshops: Songs from Scotland and beyond @ George Washington Browne Room | Scotland | United Kingdom

Come and try traditional songs from Scotland and traditions from around the world. Traditional songs are easy to learn and enjoy and provide great opportunities to try harmonies. This will be a friendly and inclusive singing session. You do not need to have any experience nor be able to read music as we will learn songs by ear (words provided). Ellie Logan is a community musician, song leader, and camper van traveller.

Based in Edinburgh she has experience of leading all sizes and shapes of singing groups and also working one to one with people on understanding their voice and how to get the best out of it. She currently runs SeaSang which is a women’s singing group which gives space for community choir members to try more challenging material, various Sing for Fun informal singing groups, community ukulele classes and provides voice, brass, ukulele, and recorder tuition for primary children through Edinburgh City Council.

Ellie also works for the Traditional Music Forum as membership and communications officer. Ellie Logan is a supporter of and occasional tutor with the Scots Music Group. Based in Edinburgh, they provide a wide range of opportunities to learn traditional music and sing. There is something for everyone.

A Pop-Up Mediation Evening – Brexit: A Constitutional Crisis? @ Grassmarket Community Project
Mar 28 @ 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
A Pop-Up Mediation Evening - Brexit: A Constitutional Crisis? @ Grassmarket Community Project | Scotland | United Kingdom

The UK and Scottish Governments – and other devolved administrations – seem to be at loggerheads over how to deal with Brexit – how might a mediation approach deal with the problem?

During the Referendum on possible Scottish Independence, Collaborative Scotland and Core Solutions hosted a number of events to illustrate how a different approach could be taken to discussing difficult constitutional problems. These events were a success in opening up new possibilities, not just in process terms but in outcomes.

In this event, we will invite participants to work in groups and play roles for one of the many stakeholders: the Scottish Government, the UK Government, the Welsh administration, the Northern Ireland government, the Republic of Ireland, the EU, the USA, regions of England, Orkney and Shetland, other European nations – and perhaps others.

Facilitated by Core mediators, John Sturrock and Charlie Woods, with commentary from Oliver Escobar of co-sponsors, the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh, we will mix discussion and learning on the process with interactive simulation.

Demonstration: March for Europe – Democracy on Brexit @ Costa
Mar 20 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Demonstration: March for Europe - Democracy on Brexit @ Costa

Meet in Costa Coffee on South Bridge from 1:00pm

Then go to Radisson Blu on the High Street for 2:00pm to join the demo and walk to the Scottish Parliament

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM GMT

On 24 March, Young European Movement Edinburgh and the European Movement in Scotland invite you to gather to show the media, the government, and those who tell us to “get over it” that Brexit is not wanted and we will not be silenced. We are and always will be European. Come lend your support for a vision of a Europe future – we can still have it. Let’s Stop Brexit.

The last year and a half have been in complete shambles. Whatever way you voted in the referendum, this is not what was wanted. The government is ignoring the voices of those (now the majority) who are vehemently opposed to leaving the EU. 2016 was the year of the vote. 2017 was the year of stitching up the wound. 2018 will not be the year of passively accepting what the Minority Government has decided.

There is no good Brexit. We are already feeling the Brexit squeeze, and Britain is becoming less ‘Great’ by the day. Brexit has brought out the nasty side in our neighbours and is already making us poorer, more divided and neglectful of the underlying problems of our society. Many things we have so long taken for granted are now under threat because of Brexit and it’s time to call it off and go back to normal.

We need to show up and explicitly demonstrate that the anti-Brexit and pro-European sentiment is still strong in Scotland. This is our future at stake. This issue is far too big to be ignored or neglected. We need to do everything possible to show that we still care, and we are still here – protesting and ready to vote.

The march will take place in central Edinburgh at 14:00, from the Radisson Blue to the Scottish Parliament. There will be speeches and music, so come join us if you do not want to just sit there while the government is taking opportunities and freedoms away from you and your children.

Our Speakers:
Tanja Bueltmann – Anti-Brexit Campaigner
Madeleina Kay – EU Supergirl
Mike Galsworthy – Scientists For EU
Joanna Cherry – QC MP, SNP
Struan Stevenson – Former MEP, Conservative
Jack Caldwell – Scottish Young Liberals
Patrick Harvie – MSP, Green
Catherine Stihler – MEP, Labour
Sing For Europe Choir

Follow the Facebook Event for details. No obligation but if you can please RSVP on Facebook or Eventbrite to help us keep track of numbers. And share this event with all your friends!

Ragged University: ‘What is Feminism’ plus ‘Teachers in Bangladesh’ @ The Castle Hotel
Nov 14 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Ragged University: 'What is Feminism' plus 'Teachers in Bangladesh' @ The Castle Hotel

Come along to The Castle Hotel (66 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE) from 7pm. Come along for some food, some socialising and a two talks in an informal setting…


What is Feminism ? by Brigitte Lechner

What is feminism? Ask ten people this question and you might get ten different answers. It’s not that I claim to have the one right answer but rather that I do have one I have settled on and I am pleased to share it with Ragged members. My generation of women has seen enormous changes in our lives. I hardly recognise myself as the young woman who always sat quietly in one corner or another. To me, that is proof of feminism as an agent of personal growth and empowerment; one more reason to share what I know about it.

Feminism to me is a political sisterhood because it aims to challenge the dominant social force generally known as patriarchy. Some people get very precise and define it as capitalist patriarchy or imperialist capitalist patriarchy, even imperialist patriarchal capitalism. I suppose one’s view is always determined by where one stands.

My talk therefore aims to clarify what a plain and simple patriarchal society is, how it is structured and how feminists have over time risen to the challenge of the ways in which patriarchy disempowers and even harms women as a sex class; a thing feminists call patriarchal oppression. Moreover, whilst women are doing different things differently today than they did fifty years ago they are still doing it for themselves and often for men as well. Mine will be a whistle-stop tour through an immensely rich and complex cultural landscape but I hope there will be enough time left to take questions.



During the break we have a bite to eat and a chance to socialise.  Everyone is welcome to bring an item of food to put on the table to share and take away what is left at the end so nothing goes to waste


Teachers in Bangladesh; Ways of Seeing and Expressing Reality by Taslima Ivy

In this presentation I hope to share my story of researching ICT integration in education with rural female teachers from an island in Bangladesh. I will particularly focus on how I attempted to tap into teachers’ own ways of seeing, feeling and expressing life.

Firstly, I will talk about how I used multimodal artefact production- a method through which teachers have shared significant day to day experiences with me,- through a mode and genre of their choice-sometimes they chose images, sometimes video clips, audio clips while sometimes poems and journal entries.

Then I will talk about the distinct Bengali genre of ‘golpo/ adda’ (informal chatting) which I used in my research as an attempt to enable my participants’ experiences to emerge through their own discursive style. I will conclude by sharing how these two processes made me aware of my own ‘gaze’ and maybe helped me understand my participants from the position of a female-the position of a teacher- rather than the power position of a researcher.