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Ragged University: The Reduction of Economics and Life to Finance @ Safari Lounge
Feb 27 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Ragged University: The Reduction of Economics and Life to Finance @ Safari Lounge | Scotland | United Kingdom

Come along to the Safari Lounge (21 Cadzow Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5SN) at 6pm to listen to a talk about economics and finance by Alex Dunedin, have a drink and socialise around learning. All events are free and informal…

 The Colonisation of Economics and the Reducton of Everything to Finance by Alex Dunedin

This presentation is the start of a series in which I examine the impacts of a market driven society as related to homo sapiens as social mammals. The effects of the reductive pressures of finance are to create underclasses through exclusion from cultural production damaging their ability to develop and contribute to a mutually recognitive whole.

These underclasses are vulnerable to exploitation through their dehumanisation and devaluation. Education has been explored as a tool in this process and is linked to a history of reducing the field of political economy to expressions of finance.

To scrutinise this cultural schema I bring in natural history perspectives to help us analyse from a third perspective the effects of ‘opportunities reduced to finance’ on our species. I argue that education is human development  and as such is a vital element of the habitat of homo sapiens as a social mammal.


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